Acts and Regulations

89-101 - School Crossing Guards and Flagpersons

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Current to 1 January 2024
under the
Motor Vehicle Act
(O.C. 89-564)
Filed August 1, 1989
Under section 169.3 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Regulation:
1This Regulation may be cited as the School Crossing Guards and Flagpersons Regulation - Motor Vehicle Act.
2The design, specifications and placement of signs to be placed at cross walks at which school crossing guards direct children across a roadway shall be those set out in the manual and specifications referred to in section 115 of the Motor Vehicle Act.
3A stop sign used by school crossing guards shall be a hand-held octagon shape with a minimum size of 30 cm by 30 cm.
4A traffic control device used by a flagperson shall be a paddle of a minimum size of 60 cm by 60 cm that displays the word “Stop” on one side and “Slow” on the other side and that is reflectorized at night.
5School crossing guards and flagpersons shall wear a blaze orange vest, shirt or jacket that is not covered by any other clothing or article and that is reflectorized at night.
6This Regulation comes into force on August 15, 1989.
N.B. This Regulation is consolidated to September 30, 1989.