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84-229 - Board of Management General

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Current to 20 November 2023
under the
Civil Service Act
(O.C. 84-798)
Filed September 21, 1984
Under section 42 of the Civil Service Act, the Board with the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Regulation:
1This Regulation may be cited as the Treasury Board General Regulation - Civil Service Act.
2016, c.37, s.28
2In this Regulation
“Act” means the Civil Service Act;(Loi)
“desirable qualifications” Repealed: 2009-160
“necessary qualifications” Repealed: 2009-160
“Public Service” means Public Service as defined in the Public Service Labour Relations Act.(services publics)
85-176; 2009-160
Repealed: 2009-160
3Repealed: 2009-160
2002, c.11, s.25; 2009-160
4Repealed: 2009-160
2002, c.11, s.25; 2009-160
Repealed: 2009-160
5Repealed: 2009-160
86-181; 95-52; 2002, c.11, s.25; 2009-160
6Repealed: 2009-160
98-31; 2009-160
6.1For the purposes of section 17 of the Act,
“paid day” means a regular work day during which a person works the number of hours ordinarily worked by persons doing similar work and receives pay for that work at the rate of pay ordinarily paid to a person for that work, and includes a day for which a person receives pay by reason of holiday pay, vacation pay or similar types of pay, but does not include overtime pay, standby pay, call back pay or similar types of pay or benefits paid with respect to the days or hours beyond those in a regular work day.(jour rémunéré)
7Repealed: 98-31
93-138; 98-31
8(1)Where the deputy head or his designate reduces or waives the probationary period of an employee pursuant to subsection 23(3) of the Act, he shall advise the employee and the Secretary to Treasury Board thereof in writing.
8(2)Where the deputy head gives notice during the probationary period that he intends to reject an employee pursuant to subsection 23(4) of the Act, the notice shall be in writing.
2002, c.11, s.25; 2012, c.39, s.27; 2012, c.52, s.11; 2016, c.37, s.28
9(1)When the services of an employee are no longer required because of lack of work or because of the discontinuance of a function, the deputy head shall
(a) before the employee is laid off, consider the qualifications and work performance of the employee and determine whether or not the employee could be retained on staff in another appropriate position within his department; and
(b) if the employee cannot be retained in another appropriate position in the department, give the employee and the Secretary to Treasury Board thirty days notice that the services of the employee are no longer required.
9(2)A person ceases to be a person who is laid off if he is appointed to or if, except for reasons that in the opinion of the Secretary to Treasury Board are sufficient, he declines an appointment to a position in the Civil Service for which he is qualified.
2002, c.11, s.25; 2012, c.39, s.27; 2012, c.52, s.11; 2016, c.37, s.28
10Repealed: 93-138
85-176; 93-138
Repealed: 2009-160
11Repealed: 2009-160
2002, c.11, s.25; 2009-160
12(1)Unless otherwise determined by the Secretary to Treasury Board, no information supplied by or on behalf of a candidate shall be disclosed to any person who is not involved in the process of selection for appointment to the position.
12(2)Examinations, test papers and related aids used to assess the qualifications of candidates for positions in the Civil Service are the exclusive property of the Secretary to Treasury Board.
12(3)Repealed: 2009-160
2002, c.11, s.25; 2009-160; 2012, c.39, s.27; 2012, c.52, s.11; 2016, c.37, s.28
13Regulation 81-96 under the Civil Service Act is repealed.
N.B. This Regulation is consolidated to December 16, 2016.