Acts and Regulations

2018-64 - Code of Conduct

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Current to 1 January 2024
under the
Local Governance Act
(O.C. 2018-239)
Filed July 11, 2018
Under paragraph 191(1)(g) of the Local Governance Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Regulation:
1This Regulation may be cited as the Code of Conduct Regulation – Local Governance Act.
Matters to be included in a code of conduct
2For the purposes of paragraph 10(2)(b) of the Local Governance Act, a by-law made by a local government to establish a code of conduct for members of council shall include the following matters:
(a) the values to which members of council are expected to adhere;
(b) the behaviour by the members of council toward other members of council, officers, employees and residents of the local government, including provisions respecting bullying, discrimination and harassment by members of council;
(c) the use of local government property, resources and services by members of council; and
(d) the use of communication tools and social media by members of council.
N.B. This Regulation is consolidated to July 11, 2018.