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2018-52 - Forms

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Current to 1 January 2024
under the
Local Governance Act
(O.C. 2018-171)
Filed June 5, 2018
Under subsection 191(1) of the Local Governance Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Regulation:
1This Regulation may be cited as the Forms RegulationLocal Governance Act.
Definition of “Act”
2In this Regulation, “Act” means the Local Governance Act.
Penalty notice
3For the purposes of subsection 157(2) of the Act, a penalty notice is prescribed in Form 1.
Oath of office or affirmation of office
4For the purposes of paragraphs 58(1)(a) and (b) of the Act, the oath of office shall be taken or the affirmation of office shall be made in the form prescribed in Form 2.
Statement disclosing a conflict of interest
5For the purposes of subsections 91(4) and 92(4) of the Act, the statement disclosing a conflict of interest shall be made in the form prescribed in Form 3.
Notice re dangerous or unsightly premises
6(1)For the purposes of subsection 132(2) of the Act, the notice that a condition referred to in subsection 131(1), (2) or (3) exists is prescribed in Form 4.
6(2)For the purposes of subsection 135(4) of the Act, the notice that the terms of the notice under subsection (1) have been complied with or the debt due to the local government or to the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board is discharged is prescribed in Form 5.
2018-63; 2019, c.29, s.84
N.B. This Regulation is consolidated to December 20, 2019.