Acts and Regulations

2009-140 - Abattoir

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Current to 1 January 2024
under the
Public Health Act
(O.C. 2009-459)
Filed November 20, 2009
Under section 68 of the Public Health Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Regulation:
1This Regulation may be cited as the Abattoir Regulation - Public Health Act.
Definition of “abattoir”
2In this Regulation, “abattoir” includes slaughterhouses and any place where cattle, sheep, swine, poultry or other animals are killed for use as food.
3A person who is licensed to operate an abattoir shall ensure compliance with the requirements of this Regulation.
General physical standards
4An abattoir shall be
(a) located in a place free from conditions that might injuriously affect the sanitary operation of the plant,
(b) fully lighted,
(c) equipped with a refrigerated room capable of maintaining a temperature between 0 ºCelsius and 4 ºCelsius,
(d) equipped with a killing room for the purpose of slaughtering animals, and
(e) provided with adequate space for the purpose of holding livestock before slaughtering.
5All floors in an abattoir shall be smooth, impervious to liquids and adequately drained.
Catch basin
6A catch basin in an abattoir shall not be located in any room where animals are slaughtered or meat is processed or stored.
7The walls of all killing rooms in an abattoir shall be made of smooth material which is impervious to liquids and shall be not less than 1.5 metres high.
Outside openings
8All outside openings in an abattoir shall be effectively screened to prevent the entry of flies and other insects during the period from the first day of May to the first day of November, inclusive, in each year.
Rails, racks and hooks
9Rails, racks and hooks in an abattoir shall be
(a) constructed of metal,
(b) kept clean, sanitary and in good repair, and
(c) arranged to prevent contact by the meat with the wall or floor.
Tables, benches, blocks and containers
10Tables, benches, blocks and containers in an abattoir shall be
(a) suitably constructed,
(b) free of any crack or crevice, and
(c) kept clean, sanitary and in good repair.
11A refrigerated room or storage room in an abattoir shall be equipped with an accurate thermometer.
Removal of carcasses
12Carcasses shall be removed from a killing room immediately after slaughter and dressing and placed under refrigeration.
Walls must be clean
13All walls and other surfaces in an abattoir shall be kept clean and scraped at all times.
Washing of floors
14All floors in an abattoir shall be thoroughly washed each day as soon as the slaughtering has been completed.
Cleaning of meat blocks
15All cutting and meat blocks in an abattoir shall be cleaned and sanitized immediately after each use.
Washing of utensils after slaughtering
16Immediately after completion of slaughtering, all utensils shall be washed and sanitized and stored in a sanitary manner.
Storing of hides
17Hides shall be stored in a separate room constructed and maintained in the abattoir for that purpose.
Disposal of blood and manure
18All blood, manure and offal shall be disposed of in an acceptable manner so as not to create a health hazard.
Dogs and cats not admitted on site
19Dogs and cats shall not be permitted in an abattoir.
Vehicles transporting meat
20All vehicles used to transport meat from an abattoir shall be maintained in a sanitary manner at all times and shall be covered, closed or fastened so that the meat is protected from the rays of the sun, dust, dirt, flies and other contamination.
Wrapping for transporation
21Carcasses or portions of carcasses shall be individually wrapped in clean disposable wrappers for transportation.
Stamping with non-toxic substance
22If a mark or stamp is applied directly to meat, the mark or stamp shall be made of a non-toxic substance.
Rendering - odours
23If the process of rendering takes place in an abattoir, the abattoir shall be equipped with adequate facilities in good working order for the suppression of objectionable odours from the process.
Dead or dying animals
24No dead or dying animal shall be permitted entry into an abattoir and the flesh of that animal shall not be used in any way for human consumption.
25This Regulation comes into force on November 20, 2009.
N.B. This Regulation is consolidated to November 20, 2009.